Name labels designed and made for mothers in the UK.

My Name Label was started in 1998 when a mother in Australia, at home with her third baby, came across a product that she knew would be really useful – personalised name labels. But the labels available were not quite what she was looking for… she wanted brighter colours, more lettering choices and fun graphics - labels that offered more choice (but not so much that it became overwhelming!).

So, surrounded by small children, she developed her own range of labels that today help parents around the world feel a bit more organised and children to take greater responsibility for their things - and they look great too! Our philosophy has always been to keep things simple, both in terms of label design and product range. Added to this (and perhaps the key motivation) was the desire to find a better balance between motherhood and work. So My Name Label began at home and has continued to be operated from there ever since!

Now My Name Label is a global business with franchise operations and agents around the world. All our franchises are owned by local women who enjoy running their own local businesses. Together we are the face of My Name Label globally.

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