Preschool Pack

The ideal starter pack for children going into child care or preschool. Child care centres, preschools and kindergartens require all belongings to be named. And with good reason - you should see the overflowing lost property box at the end of each term. You only need to recover one item and you will have covered the cost of the labels. Encourage children to take care of their things by making it easier for them to identify them.

Included in the pack are 40 big stickers, 40 small stickers, 6 pairs shoe labels, 1 bag tag, 25 standard iron-on clothing labels and 40 mini iron-on clothing labels (navy blue lettering).

Please Note: If you include 2 lines of text or pictures in your design the mini labels will only have the first line of text printed on them.

£32.00set of1

Quantity: Available in sets of 1

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